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      Welcome to Foshan Tacoma Lifting Machinery Co

      Choose our reasons

      Railway freight yard, special large crane sales, maintenance, maintenance one-stop service

      Product variety, unique product channels, the highest price.
      Offers eight categories, more than 150 varieties of construction machinery products,Variety diversity;
      Unique channel of crane products,Product cost-effective;
      Engaged in construction machinery product sales for 12 years, with a wide range of customer base andgood market letter;
      Professional service team, 12 years of hard work, only to provide more thoughtful service
      Service team throughout the year uninterrupted service, the implementation of the principle of 365x7x24 service;
      15 minutes to respond to customer requests, 24 hours to resolve customer needs;
      Professional installation team, installation of 12 years of combat experience, use escort for your crane;
      Full range of equipment failure
      Crane end beam using standard profiles, beautiful appearance, reasonable force, high assembly precision;
      According to your different needs to provide door-to-door, key units stationed in professional services, parts engineer;
      To establish long-term strategic cooperation with China Railway, China Construction and other large enterprises;

      KeMa lifting welcome

      About us

      Foshan Tacoma Lifting Machinery Co. is a professional company in Foshan crane design, sales, installation and maintenance, inspection and maintenance as one of professional enterprises. The latest patent products 1-2 tons of ZTP type van truck crane, crane in Foshan[MORE]